Where:  IMS Global Learning Impact Leadership Institute Conference
LVCC North Hall, Room N256, San Antonio, TX

When: Wednesday, May 25  (Event Time • 9:15am – 9:45am )

Panelist : Eric K. Korb

Notes: The education summit that was previously HigherEdTECH, part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Title: Issuing and Creating High-Stakes Digital Credentials for CBE

I’m a person who thrives on challenges, and succeeds in business through honesty, perseverance, vision and communication skills. I’m not afraid of trying something that’s never been done before. For example, in 1997 I trademarked “Webinar” and delivered the first online presentation system coupled to a telephone conferencing bridge. I’m dedicated to discovering, inventing, and delivering products that are essential to the way we communicate.

Organizations may issue digital badges, but in order to issue high-stakes credentials that will be valued as “true currency,” you must create high-stakes credentials that are independently verifiable, sustainable, portable, and safe and secure, thereby establishing trust throughout the entire credentialing ecosystem serving multiple industries.

We recently debuted our TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor, a new standards-based, interoperable and independently verifiable solution to address the needs of the extended transcript market at the EDUCAUSE 2015 Annual Conference. Our solution enables employers, verifiers, and issuers the ability to issue, store, authorize, and consume trustworthy, portable, high-stakes digital credentials…to create TrueCred™.

This is an exciting time for educational technology and competency-based education, as CBE programs are rapidly growing. There are so many opportunities to impact the way people earn and represent their skills, credentials and certifications. The TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor enables students to easily submit their credentials and competencies to employers in a secure and seamless way. We developed our solution based upon internet standards. This commitment enables educational institutions to deliver and exchange eTranscripts without restrictions or dependency upon a specific vendor network now and into the future.

TrueCred™ uses proven cryptography to ensure that eTranscripts are delivered securely and tamper-proof. The TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor will use TrueCred™ technology to extend and secure the data contained in the eTranscript. TrueCred™ data format technology is adaptable to define any student’s record of performance.

We’re seeing the unpacking of skills and competencies in education. What was once thought of as a monolithic degree is becoming a collection of specific competencies, and the eTranscript is a critical step in improving competency-based education. This allows credential consumers to know confidently that credential holders possess the skills they need to productively participate in the workforce.