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Digital Credentials You Can Trust

Leverage the power of digital badges for employers, issuers, and verifiers.

Our digital badge platform delivers the efficiency of interoperability to issue, store, authorize, and consume digital badges (also known as open badges, or digital credentials) for employers, verifiers, and issuers, enabling you to create TrueCred®.


Our solution enables you to create TrueCred® for multiple industries and consumer needs.

Digital Credential Issuers

Credential Issuers

Standards-based digital credentials are quickly becoming social currency. Our digital badge technology uniquely addresses the need for an efficient way to issue, store, and display a person’s high-level accomplishments – and trust, security, and interoperability are what sets us apart.

See what TrueCred® means to credential issuers in multiple industries and systems.

Digital Credential Verifiers

Credential Verifiers

As credentials, certifications, and legal documents have been shifting from paper to digital certificates (PDFs) to online profiles through identity providers, the methods of verifying them haven’t kept up. Resume fraud costs employers over $600 billion per year.

Learn how trusting only TrueCred® helps organizations efficiently and securely verify digital credentials.

TrueCred Digital Credentials

Deliver Sustainable Trust Through Portable, Verifiable Digital Credentials: TrueCred®.
The time has come for high-stakes digital credentials to become digital, portable, secure, and independently verifiable. Only a TrueCred® can take the value of digital credentials to the next level for verifying  qualifications like professional skills, academic success, and industry-specific information.




TrueCred® was created by the team at Accreditrust Technologies, LLC, the only secure digital credential processing company that builds trust and reliability in the digital credentials ecosystem.


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