About Digital Credentials

An individual’s professional, academic, and financial credentials can take on multiple forms with varying degrees of private information, easily accessible in both the real and virtual worlds. Whether applying for a job, graduating from college, or completing a course or licensure, a credential is either being verified or issued. Certificates, academic information, professional competencies, licenses, and other personal qualifications are quickly becoming a new form of currency with digital credentials.

Digital credentials (also known as digital badges or open badges) can take on multiple forms and purposes across a wide range of industries, users, and owners. Credentials are often categorized into two types:

  1. High stakes: diploma, license, professional certificate, background information
  2. Low stakes: badge or basic achievement

As education and specialized credentials such as diplomas, degrees, licenses, and professional certifications have been shifting from paper to digital certificates (PDFs) to online profiles in recent years, the methods of verifying them haven’t kept up. This is especially important for high-stakes credentials.

About Digital Credentials

Enter Technology

Digital credentials are the next phase in a person’s ability to represent key personal information, skills or certifications to various entities. Whether for a job application, a professional licensure, insurance needs, financial transactions, or educational admissions requirements, digital credentials are changing the way we verify personal information, make key hiring or purchasing decisions, and basically represent ourselves.

Verifiable Authenticity Delivered

Many companies can deliver badges, but only TrueCred® digital credentials are digitally signed, portable, and verifiable to protect high-stakes information. Our technology is the first software service for processing and exchanging portable, tamper-proof digital credentials. Our solution proves a digital credential’s authenticity, who issued it, and to whom it belongs and brings together a set of tools to serve individuals, issuers, identity providers, consumers and publishers of digital credentials in multiple industries. It’s not a digital credential unless it’s TrueCred®.

Next Stop: Innovation

As the need for a secure environment for verifying and issuing the new digital badges and credentials grows, the imperative need for a trustworthy, efficient and secure ecosystem is clear.

Our solution enables the distribution of TrueCred® and addresses the need for trust, security, efficiency and interoperability with its proprietary suite of interoperable tools and APIs. Rely only upon TrueCred® and maintain Digital Credential Trust™.

Digital Credential Market Opportunity

A Word On Standards

The creator of TrueCred®, Accreditrust, is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), working to create a set of standards for digital credential processing and information-sharing, leading the digital credential movement with a standards-based ecosystem utilized worldwide.

Digital Credential Standardization