What is TrueCred®?

What Is TrueCred® Digital Badge Services?

Whether your organization issues or verifies credentials, trustworthiness and authenticity are key concerns. We provide a unique SaaS technology solution for creating tamper-proof, verifiable, interoperable digital badges (also known as open badges, or digital credentials) that lead the industry in trust, efficiency, and security. Our API and machine-to-machine technology guarantee a digital credential’s authenticity, who issued it, and to whom it belongs (owner), thus creating TrueCred®: Digital Credential Trust™.

Our technology is the first software service for processing and exchanging portable, tamper-proof digital credentials, allowing individuals, issuers, identity providers, consumers, and publishers the ability to create TrueCred®. It’s not a trustworthy digital credential unless it is TrueCred®.

What is TrueCred™ Digital Badge Services?

The New Standard for Sharing and Verifying Credentials

We deliver a set of standards-based tools to serve multiple industries wanting to create and leverage TrueCred®.

These tools include:

TrueCred® Processor: a software tool for issuing and consuming signed digital credentials: TrueCred®.
TrueCred® Vault: a secure and long-term storage system for issued digital credentials.
TrueCred® Folio: a customizable “White Label” identity provider service to curate digital credentials.
TrueCred® Publisher: software that enables the submission, inspection verification, and display of TrueCred®.

Our solution is licensed to application developers who create decision-making tools for issuers, recipients, observers, and owners of digital credentials.

Learn how you can start offering and verifying tamper-proof digital credentials guaranteed as TrueCred®.

Only TrueCred® means sustainable trust for verifiable and portable digital credentials.

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