TrueCred® Competitive Advantage: Authentic, Tamper-Proof Credentials

Our technology stays far ahead of the competition by enabling companies to create and distribute TrueCred®, which is authentic, tamper-proof, and verified credentials. This competitive advantage delivers significant value for Credential Issuers and Verifiers alike.

The use of digital credentials is rapidly expanding. Many companies claim to issue open badges and low-stakes digital credentials, but only TrueCred® means trust, security, and interoperability for high-stakes digital credentials with a high-tech competitive edge. Our technology takes digital credentials beyond the badge by delivering dependable, “spoof-proof” TrueCred® through API solutions.

We provide companies and institutions the ability to issue, store, authorize, consume, verify, and display high-stakes digital credentials by creating TrueCred®. Companies and institutions can trust the standards-based leadership in digital credentials when they see TrueCred®.

TrueCred Competitive Advantage

TrueCred Digital Credentials Comparison