About TrueCred®

Accreditrust, the first secure digital credential processing company and creators of TrueCred®, is the only global service provider for the curation of sustainable, portable and independently verifiable digital credentials.

In December of 2012, we made the commitment to address the emerging need for 3rd-party validation of digital credentials (a.k.a. “open badges”), which recognize and validate lifelong learning and achievements. Through our in-depth research and development, we seek to provide the solutions that make open badges and high-stakes credentials more valuable by making them simple to validate, manage and expand in use.

To achieve our purpose, we have assembled a team of advisers, technology partners and business leaders in academics, credentials, encryption and enterprise computing to help shape our valuable services enabling companies and institutions to create TrueCred® and digital credential trust.

We are designing protective curation services to best meet the long-term needs of the open badge ecosystem: validation, security, and retrievability. These are all necessary components for meaningful and trustworthy digital credentialing.