Digital Credential Solutions for Finance and Banking

TrueCred® means proven identity in high-stakes financial and banking transactions. Our technology enhances your value proposition to consumers who are concerned about the security of their data and credentials, such as stock certificates.

The banking and finance industries must look outside of analog processes and turn their sights to API solutions that are cyber secure and efficient. Trust is currency in today’s digital economy. Our solution is based on technology that delivers sustainable trust through a commercial-grade solution, not just open source. Trust only TrueCred® as a meaningful, high-stakes digital credential.

Our technology is the first software service for processing and exchanging portable, tamper-proof digital credentials that include financial transactions. Our solution proves a digital credential’s authenticity, who issued it, and to whom it belongs and brings together a set of tools to serve individuals, issuers, identity providers, consumers, and publishers of digital credentials. It’s not a digital credential unless it’s TrueCred®.

Banking and finance organizations can now issue, store, authorize, and consume high-stakes digital credentials with the added value to verify secure information by trusting only TrueCred®.

 Digital Credential Solutions for Finance and Banking

Security is Key

We use digital cryptography to ensure that digital credentials are tamper-proof in the high-stakes world of banking and finance and create TrueCred®.


Protect Your Reputation

TrueCred® credentials can be independently verified. Credential consumers can ensure a credential’s signature for data authenticity, proving who issued it and to whom it belongs when it is TrueCred®.

Our secure technology means financial organizations can streamline transactions while providing peace-of-mind cybersecurity.


Sustainable & Extensible

TrueCred® is standards based. Our credential data will always be interoperable and portable.