Warren, NJ- Accreditrust, the first secure digital credential processing company, is debuting the TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor, a new standards-based, interoperable and independently verifiable solution to address the needs of the extended transcript market at the EDUCAUSE 2015 Annual Conference.  Accreditrust will be showcasing its new and innovative eTranscript Processor at Booth #836 with our collaborators, Learning Objects.

The eT Extended Transcript Project comes from the IMS Global collaborative initiative with the Competency-Based Education Network (CBEN) and partner AACRAO, to create a paperless extended transcript for the 21st Century.  Accreditrust, an IMS Global Contributing Member, developed the TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor for educational institutions that offer traditional and competency-based education (CBE) programs.

“This is an exciting time for educational technology and competency-based education, as CBE programs are rapidly growing.  There are so many opportunities to impact the way people earn and represent their skills, credentials and certifications,” said Accreditrust CEO Eric Korb.  “The TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor enables students to easily submit their credentials and competencies to employers in a secure and seamless way,” Korb continued.  “We developed our solution based upon internet standards. This commitment enables educational institutions to deliver and exchange eTranscripts without restrictions or dependency upon a specific vendor network now and into the future.”

TrueCred™ uses proven cryptography to ensure that eTranscripts are delivered securely and tamper-proof.  The TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor will use TrueCred™ technology to extend and secure the data contained in the eTranscript.  TrueCred™ data format technology is adaptable to define any student’s record of performance.

“We’re seeing the unpacking of skills and competencies in education.  What was once thought of as a monolithic degree is becoming a collection of specific competencies, and the eTranscript is a critical step in improving competency-based education. This allows credential consumers to know confidently that credential holders possess the skills they need to productively participate in the workforce,” said Korb.  “We’re looking forward to showcasing our TrueCred™ eTranscript Processor at EDUCAUSE to kick off the extended transcript revolution.”

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TrueCred™, by Accreditrust Technologies, LLC, delivers sustainable trust and data security through verifiable and portable digital credentials. Accreditrust proves a credential’s authenticity, who issued it, and to whom it belongs. TrueCred™ is a SaaS solution for processing standards-based, tamper-proof credentials and allows credential providers to focus on issuing secure credentials rather than complex technology. Companies that depend upon credential processing, or offer instructional delivery, testing, human capital management and professional networking applications license the TrueCred™ APIs to process secure credentials. Accreditrust Technologies, LLC is the only global service provider for the curation of sustainable, portable and independently verifiable credentials.

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