Accreditrust, LLC to Deliver Third-Party Verification Services for Digital Credentials

Newly Launched Firm Provides Peace of Mind to Issuers, Recipients of “Open Badges”

President and CEO Eric Korb to Participate in Panel Discussion at CES in Las Vegas

WARREN, N.J. — A seasoned team of entrepreneurs, educators, and technology experts have announced the establishment of Accreditrust, LLC, a newly launched company focused on providing services and solutions for issuers, recipients, and endorsers of modern-day digital credentials — also known as “badges.”

“Badges are rapidly becoming a social currency that represents one’s portfolio of professional and academic achievements,” said Eric Korb, President and Chief Executive Officer of Accreditrust.  “And like any currency, badges must be validated to ensure their validity.  Whether it’s a license, a certificate, or a diploma, it is essential for stakeholders — including hiring managers, educators, government entities, and procurement executives — to possess a high degree of confidence that a digital badge is authentic.”

“At a time of ever-increasing industry concern over altered transcripts and fraudulent résumés, this technology addresses a very current and pressing need,” added Korb.

Accreditrust’s flagship offering is its BadgeSafe™ technology solution.  BadgeSafe, which is compatible with Mozilla’s Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI), validates a badge to ensure that credentials can be verified.  The appearance of the BadgeSafe “keyhole” trust mark beside a digital badge serves as a mark of authenticity.  The company’s clients will include software developers and resellers serving industries that issue digital credentials, as well as the issuers themselves, including academic institutions and government agencies.

“The paper credentials of yesteryear are rapidly being replaced by online personal information managers such as LinkedIn and Mozilla’s Badge Backpack,” said Mary Bold, Ph.D., CLFE, Chief Education Officer at Accreditrust.  “With BadgeSafe, stakeholders can tell at a glance whether an individual’s credentials are authentic and up-to-date.”

Korb will participate in an upcoming panel discussion titled “Harnessing Lifelong Learning,” to be held at the TransformingEDU Summit at the world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Those interested in learning more about the panel session, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the afternoon of January 9, can visit for details.

About Accreditrust, LLC
Founded in 2013, Accreditrust was established to address the emerging need for independent, third-party validation of digital credentials — or “badges” — that represent professional and academic achievements.  The company offers a variety of services and solutions to help stakeholders verify the authenticity of digital badges.  Learn more at